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April 5th, 2010

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09:09 pm - Sudden trips and surprises

A sudden trip due to some other plans getting cancelled resulted in one of the best experiences of my life so far. I got to spend a few days in the jungles of karnataka and experienced some of the best wildlife in this part of India. 

We came across a water hole and were looking at a sambar deer when suddenly one of my friends spotted him just behind the sambar walking and we all knew instantly that it was a Tiger. Several nervous moments passed as I clicked away from my camera with its limited lens capability and we watched as the king stopped, gave us a long hard look and disappeared into the bushes. 
This short audience left be breathless and wanting for more, and so we returned to the same water hole after an hour and he was back there sitting and cooling off in the middle of the day before getting up and leaving us again. 
Happy, I returned home having forgotten the disappointment of not traveling for a few months and had a nice peaceful sleep knowing that I have seen one of the most majestic and beautiful creatures to roam our forests.  How anyone can poach such an animal is beyond me..

Here is a pic... the quality is almost non-existent but I cant resist sharing this..


More photos from the trip to follow later...


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